125year old company that engineers, fabricates and installs art and architecture. 


Main: 816-215-4712

Employees:  160

Locations:   Headquarters: Kansas City

with offices in Texas and California

Careers: https://www.azahner.com/contact

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Why Kansas City?

We have called Kansas City home for 125 years.

We work around the world and Kansas City is a great place to live, cost effective, and has one of the greatest museums, art schools, and talented young design communities.

List some of your most brag-worthy points:

We have over 10 patents.


Bill Zahner have written 7 books on the subject of metal in art and architecture.


We are the experts in our field and strive to be better.

We are considered one of the top architectural metal companies in the world.

We have worked on some of the most amazing architectural metal projects ever created. As the New York Times once stated, we are on the Rolodex of every major architectural firm in the world.

We have worked on over 30 museums.

We do not look back.

Please share a handful of projects that represent the work of Zahner.

Peterson Automotive Museum


Design/build of metal art facade

Situated on Los Angeles’ famous Miracle Mile, the newly renovated Petersen Automotive Museum has achieved an iconic status while creating open spaces which invite community engagement. The design encases the building in a red-painted corrugated aluminum rainscreen system which acts as the backdrop for a series of stainless steel structural ribbons. These scopes were engineered, manufactured, and installed by Zahner.

Google Headquarters


Three massive new headquarters buildings for Google.

National American Indian Museum


Woven copper wall made of hammered copper plates. The main art piece within the rotunda.

The National Museum of the American Indian houses one of the world's largest and most diverse collections of its kind. The museum's sweeping curvilinear architecture, its indigenous landscaping, and its exhibitions, all designed in collaboration with tribes and communities from across the hemisphere, combine to give visitors from around the world the sense and spirit of Native America.

Experience Music Project


Design/build of elaborate exterior metal surface

Jimi Hendrix inspired the name, Frank Gehry designed the project, and Zahner produced the stunning curvilinear forms and structure. Residing in the shadow of the Seattle Space Needle, the Experience Music Project (now the Museum of Pop Culture, or MoPOP) was completed in 2000.

Gehry’s unique design required a creative approach to engineering and fabrication. The Museum was one of the first projects to use ZEPPS, the Zahner-patented technology for producing curvilinear and complex structures. The process resulted in 3,300 unique structural assemblies clad in 21,000 metal sheets — for a total surface area of more than 140,000 square feet of curving metal. No two sheets and no two panel assemblies are the same.



Numerous buildings and parking garage facades throughout the Miami district. 

The Design District is known for its sleek modern architecture, upscale interior design stores and art galleries. Luxury fashion and jewelry boutiques, cafes and celebrity-chef restaurants draw a well-heeled crowd. Public art dotting the area includes the Fly’s Eye Dome, a geodesic dome designed by inventor Buckminster Fuller. 

1200 Main Street, Suite 230
Kansas City, MO 64105