"Luxury retail is about elegance, opulence, refinement and the customer’s experience."

Katie Tuttle



University of Kansas

What's been your most rewarding project(s) while at your firm?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the luxury projects I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with. Due to long-standing relationships, we’ve been able to work with retailers and help them move toward more sustainable designs. It’s also exciting to also be involved on the facility side of these companies and help facilitate better operating systems for the life of the buildings.

Most interesting place you've traveled for work?

Mexico City for a client summit for their Asian market. It included their architects, project managers, GCs and engineers. For travel in the U.S., the interesting-ness comes more from flying from KC to NY to Vancouver or KC to Vancouver to Honolulu back-to-back.

What inspires you about your profession?

The people I work with. I also love the attention to detail and getting to be more integral to the aesthetics of a space. Luxury retail is about elegance, opulence, refinement and the customer’s experience. In these spaces our systems cannot detract from the architecture and those elements that create the sense of luxury. I especially enjoy working with the architect and our luxury retail client to integrate and balance system functionality, maintainability and energy efficiency with the aesthetic essential for their project. Designing for a refined aesthetic doesn’t always mean higher system costs. It’s often about challenging the status quo and developing creative and coordinated solutions that won’t impact the bottom line. Our clients appreciate this approach and attention to detail, because it demonstrates that we care as much about the look and feel of their spaces as they do. It is highly rewarding to be able to work with our talented staff, push the envelope and think outside the box with the goal of designing a space that exceeds expectations.

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