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Founded in 1924 and headquartered in Kansas City, JE Dunn Construction is one of the largest commercial contractors in the United States, specializing in construction management, program management, and design-build projects of every size. We exist to enrich lives through inspired people and places. We enrich lives through our community service work, our development programs for employees, and most importantly through the people who use the buildings we have the privilege of building. We have found that inspired people build inspired places.

Main: 816-474-8600

Employees:  4,349

Locations:   Headquarters: Kansas City

with offices accros the country​.


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Why Kansas City?

Since JE Dunn was founded in 1924 in Kansas City, our roots run deep in the city with employees and the Dunn family’s involvement in the community. We are invested in the growth of the city and are heavily involved in nonprofits throughout. Although we have grown across the country and now have 22 offices, we are committed to Kansas City as our headquarters and look forward to being a part of the continued growth.

JE Dunn has received many awards throughout the years, what are some recent ones?

  • ENR Contractor of the Year

  • Best Places to Work – Kansas City Business Journal

  • Healthiest Places to Work - Kansas City Business Journal

  • ENR Safety Recognition

  • ArtsKC Community Impact Award

  • Corporate Challenge 1st place

  • AGC Safety Excellence award

JE Dunn has been a global leader in innovation. Share with us some of the highlights.


JE Dunn partnered with Autodesk to develop Lens, a proprietary software program that facilitates continuous estimating and shared decision-making throughout the design phase. Without changing the architect’s design process, Lens enables a smooth estimating process from early napkin sketches, to fully integrated building information models (BIM), through complete construction documents. Lens is comprised of four separate modules: Lens Search, Lens Aim, Lens Focus, Lens View.


Lens accelerates decision-making. What was once a fragmented milestone estimating approach, with limited cost insight, is now a collaborative and continuous estimating process. Partnering with the design team from day one allows all team members to understand the cost as it relates to the design during all stages of preconstruction.


Another innovation is Site 10.01, a cloud-based, mobile first, and location-aware, Site 10.01 helps building owners, operators and facilities managers improve whole building performance. Their Skylight platform brings together all the data that matters to buildings. Through an intuitive, customizable interface, Site 10.01 lets you search, analyze and visualize places in ways never before possible. Skylight comes “out of the box” with groups of applications packaged as solutions developed for functional roles across multiple industries and building types. These solutions help users solve mission critical challenges, and can be tailored to fit any building or individual requirements. Whether it’s building performance, risk mitigation, occupant experience, or financial analysis, Skylight has the solution to help you lower operational costs, improve asset performance, enhance place experience, and increase property value


Lastly, Smart Building Solutions (SBS) is a dedicated group of information technology experts focused solely on the planning, design and implementation of complex, smart, integrated building systems. This group’s innovative, forward thinking approach ensures improved system quality with reduced costs and delivery of state-of-the-art solutions in the face of the challenges presented with daily technological advances. As a trusted technology partner, project teams working with SBS can expect an integrated design, procurement and delivery model that will produce centralized, managed solutions that will maximize the overall business operational efficiency.

Please share a handful of projects that represent the work of JE Dunn.

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts


A 285,000 SF performing arts center in the heart of Kansas City designed by Moshe Safdie. 

JED_Kauffman Performing Arts_photo credi

The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts serves as the performance home of three of the region’s leading performing arts organizations—Kansas City Ballet, Kansas City Symphony, and Lyric Opera of Kansas City. Designed by architect Moshe Safdie, the 285,000 SF Kauffman Center includes two new stand-alone performance halls, both housed within a dramatic overarching shell featuring a glass roof and glass walls that provide a sweeping view of Kansas City. The two venues offer audiences engaging and intimate performance experiences, while at the same time providing resident companies with dramatically enhanced technical capabilities. There is no price for the blood, sweat and tears, because this was a unique opportunity to build this incredible landmark for performing arts here in Kansas City. What was once a napkin sketch created by the vision of world-renowned architect, Moshe Safdie, is now a place for many to gather and enjoy the creativity of each performance. Moshe Safdie, wrote, “The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts exemplifies the great results that can be achieved by close collaboration between construction and design teams. Early and ongoing collaboration, which introduced the JE Dunn team at the embryonic phase of design, assured that the details could be effectively achieved onsite. The richness of the end product is a manifestation of this collaboration.”

Loews Kansas City Convention

Center Hotel


A 24-story convention hotel, the first to be built in KC since 1985. 

Although not completed, this project is significant as we watch it being built right in the heart of downtown. This hotel will be a game changer for Kansas City because it will continue to make us a destination and allow us to be more competitive with national conventions and sporting events. JE Dunn is currently constructing the 800-room, 24-story hotel, which includes 75,000 SF of meeting space, 15,450 SF of restaurant, bar and retail, a 450-space garage, 9,913 SF of recreational facilities and a 4,500 SF terrace. This new hotel will be the first major hotel built in downtown Kansas City since 1985 and is in walking distance to key attractions and other destination landmarks like the Kansas City Power & Light District, Sprint Center, KC Streetcar and the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. This project will also create 400 permanent jobs in Kansas City.


It’s still early in the construction as this will open in 2020, but the project is already creating a buzz around the city. Residents and businesses are excited about opportunities that this project will bring to the city. When you drive near the site, you can see JE Dunn’s blue crane in the skyline and we are proud to be the construction manager for such a significant project. nMike Burke, a consultant with KC Hotel Developers, LLC said, “I think the convention hotel announcement was a catalyst to other investors that Kansas City was under-served and that we had a great market that was going to expand.”

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art 


A 20+ year relationship with a world-renowned art museum, including several renovations and new construction.

JED_Nelson Atkins Museum_photo credit Th

In 2001, JE Dunn began the 20-year relationship with the Historic Nelson-Atkins Museum. For the first time in its 70 history, renovations were planned throughout the existing structure. The individual projects ranged from exterior restoration to exhibit restoration and upgrades to mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and a Central Utility Plant. The building remained open during all renovations, with work being completed in phases. When necessary, exhibits were temporarily relocated or closed for swing-shift work. 


JE Dunn performed a 102,000 SF exterior renovation of the existing limestone skin. Cleaning, tuck pointing and façade repair were essential in bringing the facility back to its grandeur. In addition, there was a 72,000 SF roof replacement and space for art classrooms and studios were expanded, roughly tripling in size, allowing the museum to strengthen its leadership in education and community outreach.


In 2006, the Nelson embarked on a major expansion where they worked with renowned architect Steven Holl to design the stunning Bloch addition. Additional construction included a 2-level, below-grade, 457-car garage with a precast “wave” effect and 34 recessed circular glass “moons” giving way to the One Sun/34 Moons sculpture on the reflecting pool located above the garage.


JE Dunn recently completed the renovation of Nelson Atkins Museum from North of Sculpture Hall to Period Room for Henry Bloch's private collection. The 10,000 SF renovation of the Plaza Level included a new steel catwalk, rolling gantry, gallery space, new lighting and acoustics throughout. The new galleries now provide state-of-the-art technology including in-gallery tablets and interactive stations, along with podcast-style audio tours, guided tours, events and talks. The Marion and Henry Bloch collection consists of 29 masterworks by the leading Impressionist and Post-Impressionist of the 19th century, which were donated to the museum to showcase.


Nelson Atkins is a landmark known for its architecture and collection of art. JE Dunn is a proud partner of the Nelson and continues to bring design to reality working with some very impressive architects and designers. 

Kansas State Capitol Restoration & Expansion


The largest historic restoration project in the Midwest, taking over 10 years at the Kansas State Capitol.  

JE Dunn Construction was hired to preserve and restore the historic Kansas State Capitol located in the heart of Topeka.  This project was designed as a 10-year, 6-phase project, which allowed for staggered completion dates. The exterior masonry restoration included cleaning and fully repainting the entire 210,000 SF façade as well as over 6,000 Dutchman repairs.  JE Dunn worked with Treanor Architects to catalog every stone on the Capitol. A combination of repairs or total stone replacement occurred on every stone: ashlars, window moldings, cornices, fluted columns, Corinthian capitals, and modillion brackets.  This work involved matching four types of limestone and four types of granite.


Thousands of miscellaneous repairs were also performed, including crack stitching, redressing and patching.  Sealant, flashing, gutter and roof repairs were performed as part of the restoration. Much of the interior space was restored to its earlier grandeur and includes the restoration of the Governor’s office to its earlier circa 1900s design. The Senate Chamber also received notable restoration including the return of the wild Kansas cherry wood desks dating back to 1885.


Additional projects consisted of the construction of a new 2-level, 561-car underground parking garage situated below the north lawn of the Capitol, new underground vaults for additional office space and new mechanical systems, a new Visitor Center with a U-shaped drive, and a north plaza.


With restoration came monumental upgrades including upgraded heating/cooling systems and state-of-the-art technology that will take the Capitol into the next 100 years. The Visitor Center is the main entrance to the Kansas State Capitol. Tourists are fully immersed in Kansas and State Capitol history. The Visitor Center houses exhibits, an auditorium, a classroom, and a gift shop.


There were years of blood, sweat and tears during this project, which was over 10 years, however, the result was worth it.  Meticulous and careful construction of this 100 plus year-old building took place to ensure the original architecture was preserved.  The project was the largest historic restoration project in the Midwest and we are proud that the project was completed with zero safety incidents.

One Light & Two Light 



Two luxury, high-rise apartment buildings in the heart of downtown KC. One Light was the first new residential tower built downtown since 1976.

One Light and Two Light are making a statement downtown and adding to the skyline with the modern high rise and sleek exterior and leading the residential boom in downtown Kansas City.


One Light Tower - JE Dunn constructed this 25-story, 330,000 SF, luxury apartments building located in downtown Kansas City. The high-rise apartment building includes 307 residential units, two retail tenants on the first level, club rooms, 7,000 SF of office space for The Cordish Company and two penthouse floors. One Light is the first new residential tower built downtown since 1976 and the construction site is in the heart of downtown surrounded by sidewalks and roadway. We completed a floor a week to finish the project by fall 2015.


Two Light Tower – Recently opened, Two Light is a 487,626 SF, 24-story luxury apartment tower with a 145,348 SF, 7-level, 440-car parking garage in the heart of downtown Kansas City. This is the second high-rise apartment complex in the Power and Light District. The complex adds more than 400 residents and includes a two-level co-working space, which is a new co-living concept for the evolving generation of entrepreneurs. Creating new traffic and increased tourism to Kansas City is a result of this well-planned residential housing boom, which will continue to push local development for more tourism, conferences, and events to the area.


JE Dunn enjoys a challenge and this project was no exception. Both projects were on a tight urban site with neighboring businesses and lots of foot traffic in the area. The schedule was also tight, and the team completed a floor a week to accomplish the aggressive schedule. No price can be put on the challenges because the reward was two new high-rise luxury apartment buildings added to the Kansas City skyline.
1200 Main Street, Suite 230
Kansas City, MO 64105