"The relationships that are built during the design process continue to inspire me time and time again."

Gretchen Holy



Kansas State University

What's been your most rewarding project(s) while at your firm?

One of my most rewarding projects was the Bloch Executive Hall for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UMKC because of the relationships developed with the client throughout the design and construction processes. I never had, and have not since, worked with a client who was more dedicated to the project and the process. Dean Teng-Kee Tan was a visionary, and his vision for Bloch Executive Hall inspired our team to deliver our very best.


Another fulfilling project was The Price Gilbert Crosland Tower Library Renewal project at The Georgia Institute of Technology as it relates to the transformation of space. In late 2013 our team was tasked to renovate Price Gilbert, a mid-century modern jewel, along with its companion Crosland Tower, a traditional stacks building. Needless to say, Price Gilbert was treated with love and respect, whereas Crosland Tower underwent significant reconstructive surgery. How do you transform an introverted building designed to house books into a building to inspire brilliant young minds? You give it a face-lift and let in the daylight. Crosland Tower opened in January of 2019, and Price Gilbert is now closed for renovation with an anticipated completion of mid-2020.


Projects like these where the timeline is lengthy, you start to feel like a proud parent seeing their child develop over the years. It’s almost like our team has just sent a kindergartner off to their first day of school.

Most interesting place you've traveled for work?

Windhoek, Namibia

What inspires you about your profession?

The relationships that are built during the design process continue to inspire me time and time again. Each project and each client is unique in their own way, and I thrive on understanding a client's wants and needs and creating solutions to deliver an environment that will continue to inspire.

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