GBA provides innovative engineering and architectural solutions to clients throughout the United States. Primary markets include transportation, water, environment, buildings, site development, and commissioning.
GBA and its subsidiaries employ a staff of 275 headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, with regional offices in Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Texas and Illinois. Members of GBA’s multi-disciplined staff work closely with clients to accomplish the firm’s core purpose – “creating remarkable solutions for a higher quality of life.

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Employees:  275

Locations:   Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado and Texas.


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Why Kansas City?

Since our beginning in 1969, we have loved calling the Kansas City metro home. One of our first large jobs was the Truman Sports Complex, home of the Royals and Chiefs. We're proud of the role we played in that Kansas City landmark. Our team lives all over the KC metro, we appreciate the quality of life KC offers. You will find our team out and about the metro giving back to their local communities in many ways. Kansas City offers our firm a rich pool of talent and the world class universities nearby provide new grads to our team allowing us to continually innovate.

Can you share one example of innovation?

We utilize more than 50 years of engineering and aviation experience to research and develop innovative solutions for data collection. GBA is a leader in developing applications for imagery collected by unmanned vehicles in aerial, interior and marine applications for construction, survey, infrastructure inspection, mapping and imaging

GBA has received local and national recognition for our remarkable solutions. Some of our recent awards include:

AveXis, Inc. Manufacturing Facility

ISPE – Facility of the Year Honorable Mention: KDOT I-135 Canal Route Bridge Repair – Phase 1

ACEC National – Excellence in Engineering
AUVSI XCELLENCE Award – Commercial/Enterprise Operation
US-50 @ MO-291S Interchange 

ACEC Missouri – Excellence in Engineering Honor Award 

APWA Kansas City Metro Chapter – Public Works Project of the Year

KCITE Excellence in Transportation Award
Wabash Avenue Reconstruction

MO/KS Chapter, ACPA Excellence in Concrete Paving Award – Municipal Streets & Intersections

Please share a handful of projects that represent the work of GBA

Canal Route Bridge Inspection and Repair


The Canal Route on I-135 in Wichita, Kansas, is vital to motorists in Wichita and south-central Kansas. The project, constructed in 1979, carries an average of 92,500 vehicles a day, directs traffic through the core of Wichita (the state’s largest city) and links with three other major freeway and highway routes.

GBA Canal Route.png

GBA led an asset management inspection of the Canal Route bridges to evaluate bearings, hinge concrete, deck and joints of bridges. This project plan involved the delivery of inspection data in a geospatial database with all photos, quantities and notes georeferenced to allow for easy interpretation by the design team and KDOT.

GBA’s client required data that located bridge deck delamination and mapped areas of damage. Traditional methods of this type of information collection would lead to a shutdown of roads, which would translate into large expenses for clients.

GBA’s in-house Advanced Robotics and Remote Sensing (ARRS) Group partnered with our Bridge Group to overcome challenges faced by traditional modes of data collection. Our team deployed a state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that uses high-resolution Infrared (IR) scanning technology. When processed, this field data yields accurate micro-station plans, which serves as an asset management tool for clients to track areas of damage.

After GBA’s UAV processed positive delamination areas, our Bridge Group performed another validation. This team spot checked the thermal data’s predetermined delamination areas by using the chain-drag method, which determines positive areas by creating differing acoustics on the deck’s surface. The findings from this method overlaid IR findings to provide clients with the most accurate data.

Utilizing ARRS technology for asset management and GIS collection provides clients with an efficient and accurate solution for their projects.

This method reduces the logistical impact data collection has on the traveling public. Since there are no required lane closures, traffic can continue uninterrupted. This reduces costs and impacts to drivers’ safety.

This method also provides a faster mode of data collection while still providing accurate areas of delamination compared to traditional approaches. Using a GIS format to deliver inventory reports allows clients to quickly access information and make informed decisions about their assets.

Johnson County Gateway Design Build


GBA was a major participant in KDOT’s first major design-build project. This interchange handles more than 230,000 vehicles daily with the major intersection of I-35, I-435 and K-10 serving as a transportation hub and economic engine for the region. This project’s goals included meeting the traffic demands of the interchange for today and tomorrow, improving safety, sustaining economic development and replacing declining infrastructure. GBA provided bridge, traffic and roadway design services, and designed 15 of the 26 structures involved in the project, as well as utility coordination and intelligent transportation features

Nieman Road Preliminary Engineering Study  



GBA completed a Preliminary Engineering Study (PES) to investigate the flooding of Nieman Road and businesses along Tributary 63 of Turkey Creek. After the PES was complete, GBA worked with Johnson County Stormwater Management Program (SMP) to secure funding for culvert and creek channel improvements. GBA’s mission was to:

  • Eliminate 100-yr storm flooding of adjacent businesses

  • Increase culvert capacity at Nieman Road

  • Reduce the 100-yr storm flood depth to less than 7 inches at Nieman Road


GBA worked through several alternatives and hydraulic evaluations with the City before finalizing a plan to remove the adjacent businesses from the 100-yr floodplain. Central to the design was the phased replacement of the existing two-cell RCB with a larger 3-cell RCB. In addition, retaining walls were used along the creek to provide bank protection to tightly spaced adjacent businesses and to improve hydraulic capacity. GBA completed the floodplain development permit and obtained a Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permit.

Coordination with utilities, property owners and other consultants working on the “Nieman Now” project were all crucial to project success. Gas, sewer, power, and phone were all coordinated and relocated as needed. Close coordination with affected property owners kept the project moving forward.

GBA provided full construction period services which included field observation of the construction and installation of drilled shafts, retaining walls, RCB, roadway components, channel grading, riprap placement, and final seeding and sodding.

HACH Laboratory


Hach Company selected GBA to provide full design services for its new 100,000 square foot research and development facility. GBA provided full design services including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and laboratory planning. The expansion included laboratories, BSL2 space, a machine shop, optics labs, a 10-meter EMC test chamber, offices, conference rooms and customer experience spaces. GBA also created space for Obeya rooms – where all individuals involved in managerial planning meet during the design development stage – which was a unique design element within this project.

GBA Hach-Project.jpg

Paragon Star Development


Paragon Star is a 300-acre, mixed-use development that includes recreational, office, retail, hotel, entertainment, convention, and residential uses. The full-scale plan is valued at $400 million and has taken several years of planning and preparation. The developer, city, county, and state celebrated a culmination of efforts at a groundbreaking ceremony in November 2016.

GBA provided civil, traffic, and environmental engineering, and survey services for Preliminary Development Plans. Civil Engineering Services include preparation of Existing Conditions plan, General Layout, Preliminary Grading Plan, Dimension Plan, Utility Plan, Lighting Plan, and preliminary street alignments. Traffic services include the base traffic study, a soccer complex additional analysis, a phased development analysis, and simulation of interchange area. Environmental services include development of the stormwater report, a stormwater detention study, and a Flood Study. Survey services include aerial mapping, survey of utilities and stream cross sections, and property work.
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