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Dimensional Innovations is an experience design, build and tech firm dedicated to creating immersive and engaging experiences. A team of brand strategists, architects, animators, interior designers, graphic designers, interactive and environmental designers, and digital engineers collaborate together in 140,000-square-feet of design and fabrication space. Together, they are makers and innovators of experiences that get remembered and talked about.

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Employees:  250

Locations:   Headquarters: Overland Park, KS with offices in Lenexa, KS, Minneapolis, MN, and Atlanta, GA

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Why Kansas City?

Midwesterners are known for their work ethic, ingenuity, and commitment to following through on a promise, something we see first-hand everyday by having our headquarters in Kansas City. There’s a humility to our culture, one that keeps us open to new opportunities. With several world-class architecture firms in Kansas City, we’re also able to collaborate closely on some of the largest entertainment venues in the world.

DI has been a global leader in innovation. Share with us some of the highlights.


There are very few experience design firms who are able to combine design, technology, and fabrication in a seamless, and tested, process. The speed at which we are able to tell a client’s story through a physical and immersive experience is next-to-none.n nAdditionally, as we look to the future, we have quickly expanded our technology department as we push the current limitations and invest in cutting-edge fabrication technology entirely unique to our industry.

DI has received many awards throughout the years, what are some recent ones?

Our awards and rankings range from being named to the Inc. 5000 list of fasting-growing companies from 2015 through 2018, to our Evel Knievel Museum project being named #5 on USA Today’s Top Ten Best New Attractions of 2017.


Additionally, our work has been awarded an exclusive CLIO Sports award, a THEA award, as well as SEGD award, Digital Signage APEX awards, and an Addy award.

Please share a handful of projects that represent the work of Dimensional Innovations.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium


The first-ever on-line stadium-wide experiential Partner Portal and fully integrated fan experience.

Dimensional Innovations AT&T_MercedesBen

The entire Mercedes-Benz Stadium experience was designed with the fan in mind. Dimensional Innovations was hired by the stadium management team to manage and implement all sponsorship activity within the stadium and leverage those sponsorships to create an incredible game-day and event experience.


Dimensional Innovations did this by creating the first-ever on-line stadium-wide experiential Partner Portal, a digital guide for sponsorship partners to access and stay updated on their own destination-based sponsorship activations within the stadium. The Mercedes-Benz Partner Portal offers stadium-wide information to help manage the aesthetic and holistic look and feel, ensuring an integrated approach across all partnerships. From early conceptual designs to the management of distinct sponsorship zones, Dimensional Innovations worked with 19 big brands to bring their brand promise to light. The Mercedes-Benz Partner Portal put deliberate guard rails on sponsorship activations and took the entire environment into consideration, from public art programs and concessions, to technology and traffic flow.

The content of each space had to be dynamic and changeable to suit the event of the day. Fans coming to an Atlanta Falcons game will have a different experience than fans coming to an Atlanta United game. The content will change once again as the stadium hosts large concerts.


Technology was critical to keeping the sponsor activations flexible. Dimensional Innovations’ technology team deployed several custom solutions, including projection mapping, immersive augmented reality, hundreds of interactive touch screens, active outdoor technology, and social media hubs.


Throughout Mercedes-Benz Stadium are several must-see destinations and photo opportunities for fans. From the 114 screens at the AT&T Perch where fans have an incredible ‘window to the city’ view, to the larger-than-life Atlanta Falcons helmet at the American Family Insurance Fan Village – there are multiple Instagram-worthy spots for fans to share their experience.


Dimensional Innovations worked in collaboration with the owner, Arthur M. Blank Sports Entertainment, owner’s rep, Darden & Company, as well as design/build partners contractor, HHRM and architects, TVSDesign and Kansas City-based HOK, to execute the sponsorship activations.

Target Center


A wayfinding system for the 6th busiest building in the country, along with enhanced storytelling and brand experience upgrades. 

How do you make the 6th busiest building in the United States easy to navigate? That’s one of the challenges DI faced when partnering on the $145 million Target Center renovation during 2016 and 2017. Originally built in 1990, the Target Center arena was in need of a dramatic update to stay relevant and competitive in the sports and entertainment world, particularly as the home to the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx.


Located in the heart of downtown and connected to Minneapolis’ sprawling skyway system, Target Center hosts millions of people each year. Nearly every surface in the building was updated, including the addition of a glass facade connecting the vibrancy of downtown to the activities within the arena. The iconic basketball and net illuminated sculptural feature, visible from the exterior of the building’s primary entry, invites guests inside to explore.


Another challenge included creating a space which reflected a unified brand, representative of not only the Timberwolves and Lynx, but of AEG and the many events hosted at Target Center. Dedicated implementation of brand color, consistent wayfinding elements, and a concerted effort to maintain a “Target Center” aesthetic which was representative of each entity without being specific to any single one, emerged as the solution to DI’s design team.


The most striking feature of the building is the two-story ball and net element, which fans first experience from the exterior as they approach the main entry, and again once inside where they can stand below the illuminated ball over a glass floor, looking down through the net to the lobby below.


Storytelling features throughout the building invite guests to explore their favorite team or artist at a level beyond the game or show which brought them to the arena. Club spaces were designed to be reflective of regional icons and neighborhoods within the city, and large-format graphics remind visitors that they are within a space that is uniquely Minneapolis. Careful consideration was given to wayfinding to ensure efficient traffic-flow during busy game days and non-public areas, such as team locker rooms, were enhanced through custom portals, lighting, and graphics which keep the teams at the competitive forefront of expectations for NBA and WNBA environments.


The renovation project was a joint venture between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx, the City of Minneapolis, and AEG Facilities. The renovation was completed by Tegra Group, Mortenson Construction, Alliiance, and PerkinsWill, and Dimensional Innovations. Dimensional Innovations scope included signage and wayfinding solutions, enhancing the fan experience with wow moments, integrated technology, sponsorship activations, concessions branding, and additional interior branding.

University of Iowa Children's Hospital 


Using technology innovation and creativity to provide healing benefits to families and children.


Patients and their families at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital can enjoy healing benefits and interactive adventures through a technology-based theater. DI created an immersive 32-feet long curved theater located in the Gerdin Family Lobby of the hospital.


Using Microsoft Kinect technology, DI’s animation and motion graphics team designed two interactive video games specifically for the theater. The games provide healing benefits as well. Researchers at the National Children’s Medical Center in Washington D.C. found that video games can provide a distraction that aids in pain relief. Children also become more likely to push muscles they previously would not move due to pain, therefore increasing their range of motion much faster.


A child life specialist noted that the theater helps children who’ve long been confined to a room to slowly work their way back into a public setting. The interactive games help them forget that they’re away from their room and being an active child again in a immersive environment.


The “Eagles’ Flight” game designed by DI allows participants to start in Iowa and then use their arms to control a bird flying across the United States seeing Mount Rushmore and other landmarks along the way. “Story in the Stars” brings three original stories to life as constellations in the night sky. As users experience a story, they can interact with on-screen hot-spots to reveal animated elements filling each scene. This game has four unique voice overs, so that children get a slightly different experience each time they interact with the game.


Other installations created by DI include interactive donor walls, a history space with informational plaques and custom exhibits, and a mobile art projection display.

Dairy Farmers of America


Showcasing the DFA brand story throughout a their world headquarters, including a 29-foot milk sculpture.

Dimensional Innovations was asked by Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) to visually showcase their brand story throughout their new corporate world headquarters located in Kansas City, Kansas. Partnering with the building architect, HOK, Dimensional Innovations designed and fabricated multiple unique elements and signage within the visually stunning office space, including a dramatic 29-foot-tall milk sculpture in the lobby that resembles milk being poured from the ceiling to the floor.


All of the custom elements created surround the “Story of Milk” – the central focus of all DFA employees, farmers and partners. With milk tying everything together, white is a key color used throughout the space, but is made incredibly interesting through custom wall textures that feature casts of milk-related tools, such as ice cream scoops on one wall and cheese graters on another. Another wall uses reclaimed wood from a former red barn in nearby Lawson, Missouri, giving authenticity to the colors and textures. There’s also a wall of acrylic bubbles to represent milk foam, and another that recalls grass all in an effort to depict the farm-to-table journey that milk travels and textures that any dairy farmer would easily recognize.


The 29-foot-tall milk sculpture in the lobby, however, takes center stage. The sculpture hides a structural column, and DI worked through multiple design iterations to ensure the design of the milk pour looked as realistic as possible. By pouring multiple glasses of milk to study how milk flows from a pitcher, taking photos, making sketches, and finally using 3D modeling software to fine-tune, they were then able to move the sculpture into production. It took six weeks to build and craft the sculpture, made of coated foam, which DI then had to deliver in three sections for final installation.


The designs also inspired HOK to create a milk bar, where employees can help themselves to a variety of milk flavors all day long, creating a fun cultural piece and gathering space for employees and guests.

The Evel Knievel Museum


An immersive, tech-driven museum to celebrate the life of daredevil Evel Knievel.

Dimensional Innovations partnered with Mike Patterson, owner of the Historic Harley-Davidson Topeka dealership, to create interactive exhibits inside The Evel Knievel Museum which opened in May 2017. Patterson expanded his dealership by 16,000-square-feet to house the museum, which now includes a 4D virtual reality jump experience and custom interactive displays.


The museum honors daredevil Evel Knievel through a mix of memorabilia and technology. DI created a custom 4D virtual reality experience that allows visitors to sit on a bike, place a custom helmet on, and experience a recent death-defying jump by Doug Danger, going over 16 cars as wind blows and the bike seat kicks up upon landing the jump.


Several of the interactive exhibits will incorporate lesson in STEM. The interactive ‘Jump Planner’ exhibit details the physics of planning a jump, taking into account angle, speed, and wind resistance, and then visitors can see if their jump will be successful.


The ‘Bad to the Bones’ injury explorer interactive display allows visitors to see the results of Knievel’s failed jumps – even pulling old videos and photos showing when he broke that exact bone. Knievel holds the Guinness World Record for surviving the most broken bones in a lifetime at 433.


In addition to the interactive displays, the museum, which houses the largest collection of Knievel memorabilia in the world, exhibits six of Knievel’s bikes, more than a dozen of his original leather costumes, helmets, fan letters, X-Rays, photos, and Knievel’s custom-built 1974 Mack Truck “Big Red” which he used to haul his bikes around the country. Patterson estimates the new museum will draw over 100,000 people a year.

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