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Since 1963, BRR has been designing the built environments people use every day. BRR is a national design firm that partners with clients in all regions. Our firm provides full-scope architectural design services for retail, grocery, hospitality, corporate environments and industrial projects across the U.S.

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Why Kansas City?

Since our founding in 1963, we've grown to become the largest firm in Kansas, and we're proud of that. For us, being located on the Kansas side of the state line is the right place to be, as it's literally at the epicenter of where our employees live. Additionally, we have access to a wide range of talent from incredible architecture and design programs at Kansas State University, University of Kansas and Drury University, among others.

Share with us how BRR has innovated in regards to technology and the human experience.

Our firm has embraced technology since the outset. Our team members are highly-skilled in both Revit and AutoCAD, and we’ve developed programming customizations as appropriate for each platform. While our preference is Revit, we assess each project/program and any project deliverables to determine which platform is best-suited. Additionally, we have added virtual reality to our design process, which allows our clients to experience their spaces in a new perspective. The ability for clients to see their spaces in virtual reality enables them to experience the design, and make decisions or changes based on what they see in real time. The ability to walk through a space in the earliest phase of conceptual design also has a positive impact on determining what design elements look right proportionally, and feel right aesthetically.

BRR has received many awards throughout the years, what are some recent ones?

  • We are an AIA Central States Outstanding Emerging Professionals Friendly Firm 

  • Kansas City Business Journal No. 2 Top Area Architecture Firm.

Please share a handful of projects that represent the work of BRR.

Fishtech Campus



Fishtech Group’s new headquarters and Cyber Defense Center is a balance between display and work. The goal of our firm's work with Fishtech was to create a high-end office space with an open work environment to encourage collaboration. It also serves as an event space to house activities with the company's clients and partners. 

The first floor of the main office building serves as a showroom space with a large display area, conference room and kitchen to demonstrate the company’s technology, while the second floor houses the open work space. In the Cyber Defense Center building, employees have additional spaces to work, or access the Security Operations Center at the heart of the building. The center features a 30-foot-by-18-foot video display and additional security technologies, including a facial-recognition system and two sets of security doors.

The exterior form of the buildings was developed around the concept of contrast - light versus dark, warm versus cool. The materials create a dramatic inverse at night - the glass glows to reveal the interior, while the white box becomes a contrasting solid.

Avenue 82


BRR serves as the lead designer of Avenue 82, a 70,000 square foot building, located Downtown Overland Park. The facility will become BRR's new headquarters in the Kansas City metro. Upon completion, the building will feature 67,529 square feet of office space, a double-height lobby and a patio and event space on the fourth floor. Additionally, Avenue 82’s main lobby will feature a space for artists to display their work during traveling exhibits. The project is expected to be completed by Q1 2020.

Whole Foods


Since 2012, we’ve worked with the Whole Foods Market brand on a variety of store types in multiple regions throughout the U.S.

Our Whole Foods work extends across store locations that are part of mixed-use developments in both suburban shopping centers and urban core projects. Every store is designed to speak to its surrounding neighborhood, and our team collaborates with developers to coordinate exterior designs and meet Whole Foods’ location-specific goals. Interior store spaces are just as customized with themed architectural elements, interior décor and graphics. Varying amenities like taprooms, dining areas, juice bars, arcades, and indoor/outdoor patio spaces also help enhance store identity and strengthen the store-customer connection.

Children's Mercy Hospital, Gift Shop


The new gift shop at the Children’s Mercy Adele Hall Campus required an innovative design that would create a positive experience, and a physical and mental escape for patients and guests.

The 3,000 square foot space had limited infrastructure capabilities which made the remodel challenging. BRR focused on a solution with an undulating fin ceiling with coordinating LED lighting that gives the space movement and energy and is dynamic in a way that allows visitors’ imagination to perceive the space as they choose. The ceiling is a suspended system comprised of 60+ illuminated fins, creating a wave-like pattern that moves with customizable lighting effects. 

Our team implemented retail fixtures that addressed the need for storage, efficient merchandising and clear customer navigation and complemented the overall design aesthetic.

AMC Theaters


BRR has collaborated with AMC on multiple projects to refresh their movie theaters to create a high-end entertainment experience for its customers.

We worked with the client team to develop a “luxe” design concept for several of AMC’s high-profile locations, with the goal of creating an environment that feels more like a boutique hotel than traditional theater. For our first new build project for the theater chain, the AMC in Clearfork features high-end materials, custom finishes, indirect lighting, and dedicated lounge areas within the larger lobby space. The outcome has helped AMC transform the theater experience for its customers while enhancing the brand’s position as a destination for movie-goers.

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