"For me, it is personally and professionally satisfying to be of service when the need arises."

Brian Hulsey



Kansas State University

What's been your most rewarding project(s) while at your firm?

My most rewarding project at Terracon was disaster recovery work I performed in the aftermath of a roof collapse at a large warehouse in central Kansas City, Mo. A wet, heavy snow from a late winter storm drifted against a parapet wall, causing the collapse. Fortunately, nobody was hurt at the time of the incident, but a significant amount of damage occurred. After the collapse, the City declared the building to be “unsafe” and prohibited entry until an engineer could assess the structure. I was the engineer contacted by the client to perform this task.

I assessed the structural condition of the entire steel-framed building and submitted a report of findings to the City’s Dangerous Buildings Division within 24 hours. The report defined the limits of the unsafe area inside and allowed for partial building operations to resume. Upon the City’s acceptance of the report, I was then asked by the client to design the structural repairs and to oversee the production of drawings suitable for permitting and construction.

For this project, I was able to draw upon Terracon’s experienced team of professional geologists and materials engineers to first determine that the building’s existing foundations could be utilized for the new superstructure. We could then conduct all special inspections during reconstruction as directed by the City. Having to make only one call to provide multiple services is comforting to a client when confronted with such an overwhelming situation.

For disaster recovery work, we always see a facility in its worst condition. Typically, all utilities have been shut off. Unsafe physical and environmental conditions are present throughout. Hence, all safety procedures and protocols must be followed. Consequently, I find this field to be hectic, frustrating, adventurous, dangerous, and satisfying all at once. For me, it is personally and professionally satisfying to be of service when the need arises.

Most interesting place you've traveled for work?

Boston, MA

What inspires you about your profession?

Being of service to people of all walks of life and being able to use my knowledge and experience to improve their surroundings.

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Kansas City, MO 64105