"Every day is a new challenge to solve, which helps keep day to day work interesting."

Adriana Porter



Purdue University

What's been your most rewarding project(s) while at your firm?

In early 2017, B&V earned 10 engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects for American Electric Power (AEP). Two of these projects are located in West Texas. I am the engineering manager on two of these EPC projects. Both of these projects will provide reliable and adequate transmission services in the area by reducing the frequency and duration of outages. The two existing transmission lines are aged and poorly performing. Both lines, equally approximately 80 miles of transmission line, will be rebuilt. This project is rewarding because of the impact it will have on customers in the area in providing reliable power.

Most interesting place you've traveled for work?

San Angelo, Texas

What inspires you about your profession?

At Black & Veatch it is inspiring to know that our work provides utilities and services to people all over the globe. I get to work on large scale projects with many unique learning opportunities. Every day is a new challenge to solve, which helps keep day to day work interesting.

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